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String Butler V3

All Available Versions of the V3 model

  • Addresses frustrating tuning issues found on many guitars with a 3 + 3 headstock configuration.
  • The String Butler’s Patented Design attaches to the head of your guitar and corrects the angle of the strings as they pass through the nut.
  • This guitar mod greatly improves the tuning stability of your guitar and it looks fantastic doing it!
  • German designed, so you know it is designed well and durable for many years of trouble free service.
  • The rollers used on this guitar upgrade insure low friction as the strings are rerouted to the tuning machine heads.

– Is your guitar difficult to tune?
– Are the machine heads on your guitar difficult to turn?
– Are you tired of having to retune a couple of strings after every song in your setlist?
– Then you will love the String Butler!!

If the design of a guitar headstock doesn’t position the machine heads directly in line with the slot in the nut, then high friction is generated between the nut and the string. This friction makes it difficult to tune the guitar accurately and the tuning may change while you are playing. In severe cases it is also difficult to turn the machine heads which can damage them. The String Butler sends the strings straight through the nut which reduces this troublesome friction.

The String Butler is designed to address well known tuning stability issues on guitars similar to, but not limited to, Gibson or Epiphone Les Pauls, SG’s, ES 335 Style, Archtops and Acoustic guitars.

V3 Currently available in : Black, Gold, and Silver & Clear and our premium models Black with Black Rollers ( Stealth ) and Black with Gold Rollers ( Lux ). Note for V3 Clear only the maximum string gauge should not exceed .10 -.46 for electric & .12 -.53 for acoustic guitars.  Other versions there is no restrictions on string gauge.

See the pictures in the listing for visual guides to determine if this product will fit your guitar. Note this is the V3 Version.

Manufacturer Warranty: The String Butler is covered by a 24 month warranty against defects in material or workmanship from Dietrich Parts.

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Black w/Gold Rollers Black Pins $74.95, Black w/Silver Rollers Black Pins $74.95, Black with Black Rollers $74.95, Black with Gold Rollers $74.95, Black with Silver Rollers Standard $69.95, Clear w/Silver Rollers $69.95, Gold w/ Silver Rollers $69.95, Silver w/ Silver Rollers $69.95

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