The String Butler & Easy B-Bender

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String Butler V2

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Ideal for Gibson Les Pauls, SG'sCheck out our New Premium Models

String Butler V3

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Ideal for Gibson Les Pauls, SG's, ES-Series, Jr's etc.Epiphone Les Pauls, SG's, ES-Series, + many other brands even acousticsCheck out our New Premium Models

String Butler V4

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For Wide Headstocks Like Gretsch, Epiphone, Dean, Gibson & Epiphone Flying V's, Framus etc..Check out our New Premium Models

String Butler V5

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For Wide Headstocks Like Gretsch, Epiphone, Dean, Gibson & Epiphone Flying V's, Framus etc..Check out our New Premium Models

Easy B-Bender

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Easy B Bender changes the pitch of your B string up by semi or whole tone by depressing the small tremolo arm and returns to pitch by releasing the tremolo.

Explaining Tuning Issues With 3+3 Gibson Style Guitars & Why Use the String Butler? By Darrell Braun

Why 3+3 Headstock Guitars Go Out Of Tune? Why The String Butler Solves Tuning Instability?

Improving the tuning stability to your 3+3 headstock guitar

The design of the string butler is attached to the tuning posts of your guitar and corrects angles of the A, D, G, B strings ( + E strings for V4 ) going through the nut on 3+3 headstock designed guitars. This realignment corrects the position of the A, D, G, B strings ( + E strings for V4 ) to a straight line through the saddle notches, therefore preventing the guitar strings from getting stuck in the nut saddle. These 4 strings ( or 6 strings for V4) are then guided on 4 small rollers ( or 6 small rollers for V4) for minimal friction. Listen to these 2 sound clips comparing a Les Paul with the String Butler vs. one without done by Guitar World at Click Here

We have 4 different colors to match your headstock so it looks great!!!! We carry 3 different versions. All you need to do is determine:

A) if you have compatible tuners. Vintage Keystone Tuners with bushings need a special retrofit kit which is called String Butler® Vintage Adapter Kit 2 ( for Gibson Guitars * see pictures on installation page) or String Butler® Vintage Adapter Kit 1 ( for all other guitars *see pictures on installation page ) which can be ordered from our shop. Some locking tuners are also not compatible. Robot tuners are compatible only with V3 Tremolo versions. Not compatible with SPERZEL tuners! Not compatible with Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines by D’Addario! If in doubt check out our guitar database to see if the String Butler is compatible with your guitar at Click Here

B) the exact width in mm centre to centre of the tuning posts you will be installing them on. This measurement determines what version you need. V3 fits a wider variety of headstocks. V4 fits extra wide headstocks . V3 Tremolo versions are special ordered from Here.

C) the color you want. Note Clear V2 not available.

For a musician, there is probably nothing worse than having to play on an out of tune instrument. Many guitarists have this problem when they bend strings. You end up tuning your guitar over and over again or take your chances when playing on stage. This happens with many 3+3 headstocks designed guitars. Bending a kinked string pulls the kink into the nut where it gets stuck until it’s pulled out again by tuning. If you tune your guitar at this point you can hear a “pling? sound.

The “STRING BUTLER? takes the strings out of the nut in a straight line and guides them over a set of rollers to the machine heads therefore the strings cannot get kinked behind the nut.

Did you know that the String Butler V2 and V3 models both fit on a Les Paul Guitar? The V2 model came before the V3 and it was designed with the Les Paul Tuning post width as the target. Later, the V3 was added to allow the product to be used on guitars with posts that are closer together. So in effect, the V3 fits more guitar models and that is why it is more popular. However, the V2 model continues to be requested by customers because some believe it looks better on guitars that it fits, and so it is still in production

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE V2 AND V3? WILL THE V2 FIT MY AXE? The only practical difference between the V2 and the V3 is the V2 fits less guitar models honestly. This is why we chose to stock the V3 first. The charts above explains that the V3 fits a wider range of post separations. The V2 is a little smaller than the V3 as well.

Manufacturer Warranty

This product is covered by a 24 month warranty against defects in material or workmanship starting from the time of purchase when purchased from an authorized Dietrich Parts dealer. Warranty  Includes Free Shipping!